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We SPECIALISE in intimate bikini waxing......Look no further

Intimate Bikini Waxing

Hollywood Bikini Wax – 20 mins £24.50

Completely bare – all hair removed from your pubic bone, labia, perineum and anus (Knickers off during treatment).  

Brazilian Bikini Wax – 20 mins £24.00

All hair removed from your labia, perineum and anus, leaving a landing strip of hair on top of your pubic bone.  

Three Quarter Bikini Wax – 20 mins £15.25

Whatever sprouts out the top and side of a G-string pair of knickers.  Higher cut than a basic bikini wax but far less than a Brazilian (Knickers on during treatment)

Basic Bikini Wax – 10 mins £11.00

Whatever sprouts out the side and top of a normal pair of knickers (Knickers on during treatment)